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Precision technology made by Schubert & Salzer

Your applications, our challenges.

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On/Off Valves by Schubert & Salzer

The extremely durable all-rounder of the valve technology.

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Ball-Sector Valves

The valve for abrasive and slurry on/off and control applications.

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Continuity through Change.

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Welcome to Schubert & Salzer, Inc.

As a part of the Schubert & Salzer Control Systems GmbH, the Schubert & Salzer Inc. has developed a strong network of aligned technical sales representatives and regional offices across the Americas. We are defined by highly technical products, astute customer service, exceptional deliveries and commercially attractive costing. We offer a multitude of control and actuated valves for a wide variety of process industries. These valves serve a variety of disciplines where durability, precision and value are important. Our support and service staff in Concord, North Carolina, USA and within a number of direct regional sites as well as our distribution partners are accustomed to fulfilling all of your application needs and requirements.

We are a part of everyday life; whether it be production of chemical or pharmaceutical products, food & beverage processing, production of plastics, rubber, steel, paper, textiles or simply heating & cooling campus’s or buildings Schubert & Salzer products play a vital role.

The global market expects highly developed and engineered products that encompass the “Made in Germany” label. Schubert & Salzer delivers on this theme and exemplifies excellent response and delivery, highly functional products that are competitively priced, completing a full circle of value.

Valve Technology Made in Germany - Come with us on a tour of our production halls and experience the process behind the development of our high precision valve technology.

General overview of our product range

Find your tailored solution within our product range:

On/Off Valves

Dependable, versatile and high performance

Globe Valves

Customized conventional valve technology with zero leakage

Sliding Gate Valves

Fast – innovative – precise for demanding applications

Ball-Sector Valves

The valve for abrasive and slurry applications.

Segmented disc valves

Robust, durable and highly precise in expanded line sizes

Sanitary Valves

Ultra - clean - precise - aseptic control products

Pinch Valves

All purpose, pliable valves for specialized applications

Manual Valves

Versatile & precise hand operated valves


Compact mount design in analog and digital versions

Electric actuators

Precise actuators for complex controlling

Customized solutions and accessories

Individual – application-oriented – challenge us!
„You can’t go wrong with the sliding gate!“

Jim Norquay, T1 Systems Inc


World market leaders in an extremely wide range of industries trust our ingenious solutions in measuring and control technology for flowing media.

Our Passion for Perfection:
Valve and Control Technology

Schubert & Salzer, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1999. Since then the company has enjoyed stabilized success throughout the region. With the company’s growth has come expansion of personnel and the development of technical support throughout every state and many countries within our geographical area of responsibility. Today there are five direct regional offices in addition to the american headquarters located across the United States with representatives and distributors servicing all 50 states and over a dozen countries. Schubert & Salzer Inc. offers manufacturers expertise for all commercial and technical needs, a fully equipped workshop plus delivery from our regional warehouse, if required within 24 hours.

Our valves are amongst the most efficient when it comes to reduction of energy, durability and noise levels. Their compact construction, high quality and control accuracy provides for easy installation and service. Our valves compare favorably to our competitors’ products in terms of flow capacity, yet due to our unique design we use less material which makes them lighter in weight presenting a valve which is commercially attractive. We continue to improve upon already remarkable designs, and our engineering staff is available to work with you on customized models. We are driven by our passion for perfection because the safety of your processes is our highest priority.