Information Sheets

001-Mounting bar for proximity switch M12

002-Special interface for Belimo actuators, control actuators in ON/OFF function

003-Changeover of stroke limitation for standard valves

004-New software 9.05 USB with USB dongle for the dig. positioner 8048

006-Electro-pneumatic positioner type 8047 with plug connection M12 x 1

007-Award of patent for clamping the diaphragms in the aseptic valve 6021

008-Silicone diaphragms for the aseptic valve 6021

009-AS interface certificate type 8049

010-Motor valve type 8036, control valve configured as 3-point actuator

011-GS3 series in carbon steel

012-Drawing froms

013-Hygienic Valve 6010/6020 HT 200°C

014-Spray water protection 8040/41

015-Change of the standard actuators for Ramén ball sector valves, type 4020

016-Stroke limitation for GS-Valves Type 8020

017-Pressure-encapsulated limit switches

018-Play-free design for GS-Valves

019-Digital Positioner 8049 – Remotely mounted design

020-Gauge block for the digital positioner 8049

021-Check Valve Type 4000

022-IOS-Modules for Belimo actuators

023- 3/2-Way Control Valve Type 7082, diverting function

024-7010 for ambient temperature down to -40°C or media temperature down to -50°C

025-Seating seal of PEEK for seat valves

026-Type 7010 with seals in accordance with USP class VI

027-Modifications of the Types 8040 up to 8044

028-Valves Type 4037 and Type 7182

029-Feedback modules for positioner Type 8049

030-Check valve / Line strainer with angled- or flanged body

031-Earth connection with ball sector valves

032-Temperature limits for seat valves

033-ASI control head for mounting on OPEN/CLOSE- valves

034-Fire Safe GS valves

035-Hydraulic manual emergency operation for GS valves type 8021

036-SFC-function unit for sliding gate valves

037-Earth connection with sliding gate valves