Type 7210



Angle seat motor valve
Size 1/4″ to 3″
Pressures up to 580 PSI
Motor valve for on/off and control operation with neutral and aggressive media. Ideal alternative to pneumatic valves if compressed air is unavailable.  Features spring return actuators.


Stainless steel 1.4408
Bronze RG5
Whitworth pipe thread
NPT thread
Welding ends
Tri-clamp connection
Special connections
Control force: 800 N
Motor voltages: 24 V AC/DC, 230 V, 110/120 V
Class of protection: IP65
Control: 3-point; 2-10 V; 4-20 mA
Gases, vapors, liquids
(also easily contaminated)
Temperatures: -22°F up to 392°F
Positioner electronics, limit switch, position feedback
All control actuators are also available with spring return.
Specification Sheet – USA
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Specification Sheet – Europe
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Secondary Manual
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