Type 2040

2040 Digital position indicator

Digital position indicator

Displays the current position of the valve (open or closed) and outputs it via two switching contacts (NPN).


The position indicator also indicates various errors, such as sticking of the valve. Errors are indicated by default by a red lamp and are additionally outputted by way of a switching contact (NPN).


Various maintenance intervals can also be set. When a scheduled maintenance time is reached, a visual indicator is displayed and the error signaling output (NPN switch) emits a recurring pulsating signal (1Hz).


The adaptation to the valve is semi-automatic, by simply operating the actuator in calibration mode.


All settings can be custom-configured in the “DeviceConfig” program.
Body: Aluminium, anodised
Calotte: Polycarbonate
Sensing Pin: Stainless steel
Connection through adapting ring
On/Off-vales with stroke <29mm
Ambient temperature: -4°F to +167°F
Power Supply: 24V DC
Switching Output: max. 100mA (NPN)
Stroke range: 6-29mm
Protection class: IP65
Specification Sheet – USA


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Specification Sheet – Europe


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